VDR Vision Design Realisation


VDR Consulting combines leading functional capabilities with deep industry expertise to help resolve a wide range of issues faced by our clients. Whether supporting growth initiatives or demands for improved performance, we develop practical solutions founded on solid data, robust analysis, creative thinking, and close collaboration with client teams. We then work with our clients to ensure a seamless transition to implementing the results.

We serve infrastructure projects, waterand wastewater management, energy and life sciences, we operate worldwide. Across Europe and Middle East we have the ability to assemble teams that have the optimum blend of local and global experience and insights, and we can also leverage the extensive knowledge base of VDR consulting.


* Business Strategy

* Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analysis

* Contract Management Services

* Performance Improvement

* Litigation Support

* Innovation & Technology Management

* Market and Competitive Intelligence

* Chemicals and Materials

* Consumer Products


* Green Energy

* Water & Wastewater

* Infrastructure


Our clients have told us time and again that their success is measured by how well they apply what they know to what they do. Our purpose is to help these clients succeed. Everything we do sustains this. Our philosophy, our culture, is built around this.

Companies looking for practical solutions instead of ponderous process, companies that need the most streamlined route to getting the answer, and companies that must have knowledge formed from insight all find VDR to be a good fit.